You can use the Compare 2 Compete benchmark tool totally yourself.

Of course you can choose to outsource the entire implementation process. Think of:

Advice on the benchmark itself

What is your goal, which is the theme, which analysis and reports should be created, how do you ensure optimum response and spin off?

Adopt existing benchmark

Assess existing benchmark and results, implement the Compare 2 Compete benchmark tool, training managers using the system.


Copy the look and feel of your website or of your choice and create a secure sub domain or connect to your website to host the benchmark.


Building and logical classification of the questionnaire, provide the necessary explanations for participants, create and advise on report templates, etc.

Implementation support

Answer all your benchmark specific questions when you do the implementation yourself or want to amend the benchmark.

Training of benchmark managers

Training your benchmark managers how to work with the Compare 2 Compete benchmark tool and to use all functionality. Classical standard training and on site specific training possible.

Executing the benchmark

Supporting benchmark managers to use the tool successfully, facilitating helpdesk for managers and participants. Also possible is total outsourcing of execution of a benchmark.

Assist in the analysis

Ensure that you get the information you're looking for. Help in analysis of the results. Create market analysis and reports.

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