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Fast, professional and flawless data collection, analysing and reporting with the Compare 2 Compete Benchmarking Survey Tool.

Create your benchmarking survey questionnaire, set the desired data quality and define the output. Start collecting data. Get results and report directly to participants.

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Challenges of conducting a benchmark survey


Makeshift solutions

Have you ever tried to conduct a benchmarking survey before? What did you do? You created a questionnaire offline in Word or Excel. You sent out this questionnaire to the potential participants. You received the entered forms and you had to transfer it to some database or Excel. What if something was wrong in a specific questionnaire? You contacted the participant and got a new questionnaire. You got lost in the number of versions.


Online inquiry

You had a special website which gave you some insight in the status of entering data. Online you could download the results to Excel. When you finally had all the data you started analysing. Again, what to do with outliers and changes in data by participants? After the analysis you had to create for each participant an individual report and send it to them. But with a lot of risk of sending a report to the wrong participant.


Make it easy

We offer the Compare 2 Compete Benchmarking Survey Tool. It combines online survey, online analyses and online reporting. It gives you the tools to manage your participants. The Benchmarking Survey Tool helps you to give participants more value for their time spend to the survey. And help you save time and money.


Survey Tool
Basic questionnaire
Your questions
Online interactive questionnaire
Allowing you to skip questions or require input
Online real-time interactive questionnaire
Real-time calculations on screen and complex visibility and requirement conditions
Periodical questionnaire
Reuse the questionnaire (as is or with amendments) for recurring surveys
Analyse manually
Basic analyses using Excel
Analyse online
Analyse online in the same tool as the questionnaires
Analyse real-time online
Real-time onscreen calculation and validations
Report whole group manually
Create one report of the group and send to all
Report individual manually
Create a report for each participant
Online report manager
Create and manage online report templates allowing you to generate whole group and individual report on the fly
Report generation
Participants create their own report from your templates with real-time calculated data. Both on screen or in PDF
Use relevant reference or peer groups
Set conditions to create peer groups automatically
Online individual analyses
Allow the participant to select its own output and create powerful analyses

Potential users of the Benchmarking Survey Tool

Those organisations that want to conduct benchmarking surveys among smaller or larger group of participants, but do not want to lose their time on nonsensical work, unnecessary data checks, duplicate work, long lead times and much more.

Trade associations
  • Directly support members
  • Online dashboard and printable reports
  • Comparison with relevant peer groups of their choice
Professional associations
  • Easy export of data for market reports
  • Large database so all your members can participate
  • Inquiry without login
Consultants and accountants
  • Become and stay an expert in one or more industries or function
  • Multiple benchmarking surveys simultaneously
  • Ideal for lead generation
Franchise or branches
  • Direct internally comparing performance
  • Online workflow management
  • Easy export of all data for additional performance analysis

Why do our clients use the Benchmarking Survey Tool?

Most useful

“The Compare 2 Compete benchmark tool offered by Compare 2 Compete provides French commercial golf courses with an efficient tool to follow the evolution of the national golf market. The Compare 2 Compete benchmark tool is most useful for individual courses to benchmark themselves with the market, and for GEGF as a group to present a reliable picture of the importance and evolution of golf business in France.”

J. Tillement>

Guaranteed privacy

"One of the most important aspects of collaboration is the unburdening. After our annual reconciliation the total process is carried out by Compare 2 Compete, from the invitations to provide data, validation of data, to the individual reports. Also, you mark as customer the enthusiasm of Compare 2 Compete to get started with the project. Equally important is that privacy is guaranteed of participants and the quality of the benchmark itself. We rely on years of expertise of the team of Compare 2 Compete."

Michel Hamer

Potential surveys to be conducted

Performance benchmarking survey
Function remuneration benchmarking survey
Culture benchmarking survey
Salary benchmarking survey
Satisfaction benchmarking survey
Business Scan
General survey

Additional services

Strong cooperation

We not only provide the Benchmarking Survey Tool, we also offer additional services to help you succeed. We can advice you on your benchmarking survey, review questions asked, and help you creating the best benchmarking survey for your target audience.

We can adopt an existing benchmarking survey (starting with a pilot) and convert this to our Tool, turn key delivered or in collaboration. We can also implement a new benchmarking survey and your reporting demands.

We can conduct the benchmarking survey for you, especially interesting for trade associations and franchises who are not allowed or willing to see members resp franchisees results. Or we help you in conducting your survey with implementation support.

Our support

We know that benchmarking in the end is not easy, but that you can do it yourself, with or without our help. We support you with:

  • Advice on benchmarking
  • Implement the questionnaire for you
  • Supply implementation support
  • Help you implement reports
  • Fully or partially conduct the survey
  • Training on benchmarking and managing a survey
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