Tools for data collection and reporting

Compare to Compete is your knowledge partner in the field of data collection and individual reporting. We offer knowledge, support and outstanding Onderzoek Tools for automating your surveys.

Fast, professional and simple data collection, analysis and reporting to each respondent is possible with the Survey Tools on our platform. Using our tools helps you to save time and provide more quality. Compose a questionnaire, add automated checks and routing, send invitations and collect the data. Validate and report directly to repondents via online interactive dashboards or complete PDF reports, which can also be sent directly after finishing a survey questionnaire.

Stop manually creating reports based on an acquired dataset. Start with automated and complete reporting.

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Tools for effective surveys

Whether you want to conduct a performance benchmarking survey, a member survey, an assessment, culture scan or a remuneration survey, with the Survey Tools from Compare to Compete you are always in the right place and you are able to conduct your surveys efficiently and effectively.

For lead generation and audits you can use our Assessment Tool. After completing an online questionnaire, the lead automatically receives a state-of-the-art report by email.

For a franchise benchmarking survey or a member benchmarking survey or function remuneration survey or culture survey you can use our Benchmark Tool. After logging in, participants periodically complete the online questionnaire and after validating the data and calculating interesting key figures, each participant can use the report or dashboard to compare themselves with the group results of all participants or relevant reference groups.

Our Tools

Benchmark Tool

Tool for periodic data collection, data validation and individual reporting to participants. Both for performance benchmarking and function remuneration surveys.

  • periodic comparison
  • multiple questionnaires and periods
  • for associations, consultants and franchises
  • automation through events and scripting
  • whitelabel in your branding

Our Benchmark Tool

Assessment Tool

Tool for lead generation, business scan, audits and other quality scans with an individualized state-of-the-art PDF-report directly in the respondent's mailbox.

  • direct link to questionnaire
  • subscription before or after completing the questionnaire
  • flexible questionnaire with multiple question types
  • easy to implement
  • whitelabel in your own branding
  • link to your CRM

Our Assessment Tool

Our Service



Your success is our success. We help you to be successful with our tools. “The proof of the pudding is in the eating.” Send us your survey and reporting and we will see how your survey can be conducted efficiently and effectively with our Tools. If desired, we can create a pilot so that you can see how your survey(s) can be conducted in our Tools.



As soon as you use our Tools, you will enjoy our excellent support. We help you to implement and we will help you to manage the survey. We do our best to get you up and running as quickly as possible.



Our Tools work logically and simply. Our knowledge base already provides a lot of information about all functionality and how to implement it. We regularly provide training on specific topics, such as setting up a questionnaire, creating dashboards or reports. It is also possible to follow company training for those within the organization who will be working with our Tools.



If you can't figure it out yourself or you don't want to delve into the technology, we will do the implementation for you and together with you. We implement the questionnaire(s), set up any checks and balances and build the reporting and dashboard templates. We set up the workflow and ensure appropriate branding. You'll be ready before you know it.

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Request a personal demonstration. After the demonstration, you can choose to conduct a pilot, trying out (part of) your survey in our tools.

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Benchmark specialist

We are the specialist in the field of benchmarking. We like to help others get the best out of their benchmarking and assessments. We are happy to share our knowledge with you to help you improve your performance.

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Our advice

Our specialists will be happy to help you find the right tool for your survey question. Contact us so that we can help you make the right choice.

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