About us

Compare 2 Compete helps organisations to efficiently and effectively carry out benchmarks.

We believe that benchmarking could be much simpler, cheaper and more efficient through professional automation. And you can add much more value with intelligent automation.

We have created and optimized this software together with our partners and customers. The future development is done in collaboration with our partners and customers (co-creation) in order to get the most comprehensive software solution that best suits your needs.

We help you to benchmark successfully

Compare 2 Compete is the benchmark organization in the Netherlands of today and the future. Our vision is that benchmarking, should be simple. Both in terms of process, automation, implementation, data entry and reporting.


We help industry associations, advisory and branch organizations to easily and efficiently perform effective benchmarks among customers, members and affiliates. We do this by creating intelligent online software, Compare 2 Compete benchmark tool, which allows you to work easily. We do not conduct research ourself, but always work together with our customers to make them successful in benchmarking..


We develop and implement online software to perform comparisons absolutely secure, reliable and flexible. We inform, advise and support our clients, thereby contributing to the direction and quality of their services and the efficient and effective performance of their process. Principles are: flexibility, objectivity, thoroughness, reliability and independence.


Compare 2 Compete was created to existing problems related to obtaining of (market) data offer a good solution. We focus on our Web applications on the efficient conduct of investigations and deliver maximum value within an investigation.

The people behind Compare 2 Compete

Sebastiaan Korenhof

Sebastiaan is responsible for the development of the Compare 2 Compete benchmark tool. He ensures that the tool operates 24/7 and develops with the needs of our customers. Sebastian graduated as an engineer in Computer Science.

Tonnis van Dam

Responsible for sales, operational support and realization of your benchmark. Also ensures the needs of customers and prospects are developed and admitted into the planning of new versions. Tonnis graduated in business economics.


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