Easy setup of white label benchmarks.

With the Compare 2 Compete benchmark tool we will setup a benchmark environment in no time. In your corporate identity, based on your domain, with the questions that are important to you. You decide which questions will be asked and to to whom, and how the screens are set. In this way you’ll get a representative environment for your customers.

Do you already have a benchmark, e.g. in Excel? Then it can be easily implemented in our tool. We can also import historical data for you.

Get data in an instant

Invitations are sent by the Compare 2 Compete benchmark tool to the organisations who participate in the benchmark. This information can be imported with two clicks of a button. Your potential participants receive a personal link and with username and password.

In management, you can track exactly who started the questionnaire, their status and who has finally completed. From the position you send reminders easily.
Combo benchmark startpage
Combo benchmark questionair

Ease of use for participants

Your participants get their own login. After login they can start filling in their data. For each question, you can include a comprehensive instruction so that the user sees exactly what is intended.

The participant may choose not to fill in the questionnaire at once, but to return later to complete the benchmark. All data is stored.

Create valuable analysis

Participants can compare their results with reference groups. In addition, own and group results can be compared with previous periods. In this way participants see their development against peers. Participants do their own analysis of their performance. You can also do that for one or more participants.

All analysis are presented in clear graphs, charts and tables.
Combo benchmark analysis
Combo benchmark pdf reports

You and your clients create professional reports

Analysis can be exported or emailed with the click of a button. This way you and your participants create management reports easily. These can be shared internally with stakeholders, if desired. Reports can be exported in common formats such as PDF or CSV.


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