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Our intelligent online do-it-yourself Benchmarking Survey Tool has been created to make you successful in benchmarking. We support you with useful gadgets in all parts of the process managing your surveys.

Adjust the Tool to your branding and demands and it becomes your Benchmarking Survey Tool. Setup the Tool with your benchmarking survey questionnaires, invite your members or clients to participate, manage the process, validate the data and let your members or clients create their own individual reports.

Benefits of the Benchmarking Survey Tool

The Benchmarking Survey Tool offers many benefits to you and the participants of your surveys. Using our fully integrated system for data collecting, data validation, analysing and reporting saves valuable time for you and your participants.

Benefits for you

  • Flexible questionnaire system with extensive system of controls and conditions.
  • Integrated analysis tools to validate the questionnaires.
  • Export possibilities for all individual data and group data.
  • Email system to invite, reminder and thank your participants for participating
  • Flexible system to create onscreen and pdf reports
  • Extra time you can spend directly on advising and supporting your survey participants.

Benefits for your participants

  • Online interactive questionnaire simplifying and speeding up data entry.
  • 24/7 access to their own data looking back, exporting and changing it.
  • Export and download reports with their own selection of peer groups.
  • Allow to create access for multiple users, with possible distinction between entering data and receiving output for the same participant.

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The Benchmarking Survey Tool is an online system. The system is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can manage surveys via the Portal website. It is also possible to set up a customer environment in which the participants of your surveys can enter their data, perform analyses and retrieve results in the form of dashboards and reports.

  • Integrated email
  • Import/export master data
  • Customer environment in your corporate identity
  • Multilingual customer environment
  • Excellent security
  • Participant emulation


Collection the data for your survey is one of the most important parts of the Benchmarking Survey Tool. We offer a very flexible questionnaire with various types of questions, optionally divided into pages. A survey can be one-off or periodic. Almost every conceivable scenario is supported.

  • Periodic data entry
  • Multiple questionnaires
  • Workflow management
  • Real-time calculations


After input it is important to analyse the data before you are able to report on it. The Benchmarking Survey Tool supports this by applying data validation. We also offer the possibility to analyse data externally.

  • Data validation
  • Export participant data


Of course you want to be able to present the results of the survey to participants. The Benchmarking Survey Tool contains extensive integrated reporting options. You can decide for yourself which options are available to the participant.

  • Online dashboards
  • Downloadable PDF reports
  • Reference groups and panels
  • Extensive exports


Maak gebruik van onze aanvullende diensten om het jouw nog gemakkelijker te maken.


  • Benchmarking concepts
  • Questionnaires and KPIs training
  • Report training


  • Conduct your surveys
  • Conduct analysis and validation
  • End-user support


  • Implementation
  • Implementation support
  • Overall assistance
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Performance benchmarking survey

Organisations want to know how they perform against their peers and want to improve. Performance benchmarking helps them to get insight in their performance and gives them clues to improve performance.

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Function remuneration benchmarking survey

Organisations want to know how they pay their professionals compared to their peers. Do they pay too much or too less? A function related salary benchmarking survey helps them to get insight in renumeration differences and act accordingly.

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Culture benchmarking survey

Culture in your industry or profession is very important for optimizing performance. It is interesting to see how an organisation’s culture influences its performance or it professionals. Culture benchmarking is possible in one organisation, but even more interesting if a whole industry is involved.

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Salary benchmarking survey

Besides benchmarking of remuneration of functions it is possible to be more specific and get data directly from professionals. How are they paid and how relates this to their peers, based on function, age or experience?

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Satisfaction benchmarking survey

Employee and customer satisfaction benchmarking gives organisations insight in how they are values by their most important assets (employees and costumers). Satisfaction benchmarking is possible in one organisation, but even more interesting if a whole industry is involved.

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Business Scan

Scans or assessments are an important way to get direct insight in how someone or some organisation is organized. Scans are used to compare against a standard and result in conditional advices based on the answers provided. Most of the times scans don’t include benchmarking comparison information.

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General survey

Just ask questions to a target audience and download responses to process offline. No reporting needed, only responses.

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