About Us

We believe that conducting benchmarking surveys and assessments could be much simpler, cheaper and more efficient through professional automation. And we believe you can add much more value for your clients with intelligent and relevant reporting.

We have created and optimized our Survey Tools together with our partners and customers. Co-creation is important for our development in order to get the most comprehensive survey software that best suits your needs.

Compare 2 Compete’s vision

Conducting benchmarking and assessments should be easy. You can do it yourself with the right tools. Conducting surveys should be simple in terms of process, automation, implementation, data entry and reporting.


Our mission

We help you to conduct benchmarking surveys and assessments successfully. We help you to easily and efficiently conduct effective surveys. We do this by creating intelligent online benchmarking and assessment software, our Survey Tools, which helps you to conduct surveys easily and successfully. We collaborate with our clients to make them successful in conducting benchmarking surveys and assessments.


Our core principles

We stand for: flexibility, objectivity, thoroughness, reliability and independence. We develop and implement online Survey Tools to conduct surveys easily and successfully. Our software is absolutely secure, reliable and flexible. We inform, advise, train and support our clients, thereby contributing to the direction and quality of their services. We want our clients to be outstanding in their service to their clients, so our service to our clients is outstanding.


Our focus

Compare 2 Compete was established in 2006 to solve problems of businesses in obtaining relevant and reliable (competitor) market data. We then moved away from serving individual companies and started helping industry associations and consultants in conducting benchmarking among smaller and larger audiences.

Compare 2 Compete’s team

Our team consists of specialized benchmarking experts that are really focused on getting the best results for you.

Tonnis van Dam

photo of Tonnis van Dam
  • Leads the agency’s strategy, product offerings and client services teams
  • Founded Compare 2 Compete and develops benchmarking and assessment survey solutions.

Tonnis and his team ensure that all of our clients receive excellent services so that they can be successful in benchmarking and assessments.

Erik Robbers

photo of Erik Robbers
  • 35 years of experience in financial, strategic and operational management
  • Identifying, crafting and sharing our compelling story

Erik is responsible for positioning Compare 2 Compete in ways that resonate with our clients, our colleagues and the marketplace, and drive growth.

Sebastiaan Korenhof

photo of Sebastiaan Korenhof
  • Expert in webbased software developement
  • Brings to life our sophisticated Survey Tools

Sebastiaan uses data and technology to ensure that our tools meet the needs of our clients.