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Everything you would expect from a Benchmarking Survey Tool, and much more

No matter what you are planning to do with benchmarking surveys, our Benchmarking Survey Tool is ready for you. It has much more functionality than other benchmarking survey solutions and it works comfortably easy. Benchmarking surveys are fully customizable by yourself. The Tool is secure and easy to use. The Benchmarking Survey Tool is all you are looking for in a benchmarking survey solution. And even better.

The Benchmarking Survey Tool is commonly known for it powerful reporting possibilities and enhanced comparison of peer groups. The flexible dashboard and even more flexible and powerful pdf-report generator set the benchmark in reporting. Fast implementing, multiple presentation options and easy to use.

The Benchmarking Survey Tool comes with many features that make you succeed. And the features are still expanding, thanks to our enlarging customer base who help us in co-creation of the Tool.

Features focusing on efficiency

The whole benchmarking process in one comprehensive integrated online tool which saves time in transferring data and prevents errors. We supply real time work-flow management to manage the benchmarking process.

Integrated email

Create email templates for recurring use and automated emails. Send individualised invitations and reminders to all participants or a selection. Have a track record of what you have send to a participant. And you can use your own email address is you allow us.

Workflow management

Define the workflow for each survey. See exactly which participants have started and which have finished each questionnaire and how they are proceeding. Open and close questionnaires and help participants finalising their questionnaires.

Overview of the participants that have started and which have finished each questionnaire and how they are proceeding.
Multiple users per participant and multiple participants per user

Create as many users for a specific participant, if you wish with specific roles. Each user can login for this participant and has the functionality according to the assigned roles. Or link one user to more than one participant, to enable this user to use the benchmarking survey for multiple organisations.

Multiple languages

Use multiple languages for your benchmarking survey to get the best possible understanding of participants and users, resulting in higher data quality. Now available are English, French and Dutch, but we can add additional languages for the Front-End easily upon your request. The Back-End of the Tool, the part you as a manager will be using, is available in English and Dutch.

Terms of use for users

Do you want your participants users to accept your terms of use, then you only have to select this option and include your terms of use. Upon their first login all users have to accept your terms of use or they cannot login.

Multiple questionnaires in one benchmarking survey

Data of different benchmarking surveys is not interchangeable. Data within one benchmarking survey can be used across the whole survey. Use multiple questionnaires to split your benchmarking survey into associated parts. For example a quarterly basic questionnaire and an annual extensive questionnaire. Each questionnaire has its own workflow.

Data entry of two diffent questionaires in the same benchmarking environment.
Automated data validation

Create data validation rules that are applied during data entry by participants to check if data provided is consistent and as good as possible. Use data validation rules during manual validation of each questionnaire (option) to help you understanding data quality better.

Data validation showing the value increased based on last year.
Individual reporting

Set up output templates which includes own data of participants. When participants select this kind of output, they will see their own values against the group values and own development against group development. Our individual and group reporting is very powerful.

Market reporting

Use pdf-report templates to set up automated eye-catching market reports for you and the participants to download with just one click. Or download all group values to Excel for easy offline reporting.

Export individual and group data in multiple formats

All benchmarking survey data is available for you to export to CSV-format for offline analysis and reporting. And you can select the format of the export file. Do you want a data dump for a pivot table or do you want to export all data directly in table format. This applies to individual data as well as group data.

Analysis for participants

Give participants the analyse functionality to easily analyse their results. With analyse they can select output variables of your choice and see them from different perspectives for better understanding.

Analysis for benchmark managers

Use the integrated validation analysis to quickly run through the data of all participants to see anomalies and outliers per question of a questionnaire. Or create analysis group reports to easily see differences per reference group and/or differences per period. We want you to be able to only use one integrated tool for your benchmarking surveys.

Import and export tables

Mostly all tables with master data for your benchmarking survey, like participants, questions, validation rules, reference groups, etc, can be exported to Excel, even with connected data (so export all participants with all their users with all their roles in just one file). Use this file to import data into the tables. This functionality makes it very easy to transfer an existing benchmarking survey to our Tool and have it ready for data entry in just one day!

Memberships to differ functionality per participants

What if some participants need to have other functionality than other participants, perhaps because they have different subscriptions to your service to them? Some need to have a basic version of your benchmarking survey, while others need an extensive version. That is where memberships come in. Use memberships to assign functionality to and link memberships to participants to assign this functionality to them.

Roles to differ functionality per user

Participants can have different rights to functionality but within one participant each user can again have different rights to functionality. One user for data entry and one for reporting? Or one user for the one survey and the other user for the other survey of the same participant? It is all possible with roles. Assign functionality to roles and link roles to users to assign this functionality to them.

Manual validation of questionnaires

With more difficult questionnaires it can be handy to check each questionnaire and approve it for further use. Include validation in the workflow of the questionnaire. See all participants questionnaires and use additional questions and validation rules to help you validate quicker and better.

Approval of each questionnaire by participants

With more difficult questionnaires participants tend to make many mistakes. Sometimes they have to take a second look at the questionnaire before you start validating it. After submitting the questionnaire their questionnaire is marked for approval and the participants users get an email with a request for approval. One user needs to separately approve the submitted questionnaire for further processing, or disapprove it to adjust data.


One of the most important functionality of our Tool is the recalculation option. Without recalculation adjusting of calculations of questions, reference groups, cumulation options etc would not be possible. Use of recalculations is highly recommended to make sure all calculations are always up-to-date.

Create clarity for participants during data entry

In the questionnaire you can make use of additional help texts per question, e.g. to give additional explanation and definitions. On-screen calculations make it easy for the participant to check if data entry is correct. Conditional colouring of fields and calculations help the participants in seeing differences and gives attention.

Intermediate data storage

Data is stored during data entry every few seconds. This prevents in loss of data, even if the participant forgets to save it and closes its browser. A participants can also choose to leave the questionnaire and submit it on a later moment.

Logical framework that helps you conducting multiple surveys with much ease

With our Benchmarking Survey Tool you can have a benchmark operational, including reporting capabilities, within one day. No longer programming and linking systems together. Just implementing on the basis of the comprehensive manual. And it is very easy to conduct multiple benchmarking surveys at the same time. Thanks to our logical framework you are always in control.

Powerful calculations

Use calculated variables to make powerful (conditional) calculations of other variables and tables. Using calculations enables you to calculate KPIs, create summaries and do more with the data provided.

Entered data is automatically calculated by adding them up.
Emulate participants

As a benchmark manager you will need to help the participants regularly. You don’t have to login with their credentials, but you can easily emulate them to see what they are seeing and help them navigate through the participant environment.

Features focusing on flexibility

Adjust the tool according to your branding, demands and needs. The Benchmarking Survey Tool has high flexibility in frequency, questionnaires, reporting, branding and much more.

24/7 access to the benchmarking survey

Participants have access to your benchmarking survey(s) 24 hours per day, 7 days per week (besides system upgrades). They can use the tool at their convenience.

99% uptime
White label available in your branding

Our Benchmarking Survey Tool is actually YOUR Benchmarking Survey Tool. The Tool is available white label and can be adjusted according to your branding demands, e.g. your website. You determine the fonts, text size, colours and further style design of the front-end. You can even use your own url (subdomain) and email address. But it is also possible to only use your logo and use our standard look and feel.

Diffent branding for the same page.
Customisable pages

As expected from a standard tool, you can adjust it according to your demands and needs. And with a lot of options you can select what you want to use in the participant environment of the Tool (the front-end environment), from input to output options.

  • Use your own questionnaires
  • Change standard pages (like login, password reset, error pages)
  • Define you own screens
  • Restrict page access to all or certain users based on memberships and roles
Customisable page elements

You can use conditional visibility settings, to adjust pages per participant or group of participants. You can also use roles and memberships to vary the pages between participants and even users.

  • Override default descriptions and button names
  • Restrict page element visibility to all or certain users based on memberships and roles

The back end and the front end are as responsive as possible. Almost all functionality can be used on small (smartphone, tablet) and large screens (laptop, desktop). Even difficult questionnaires look great on a small screen.

The page is able to scale to different sizes supporting multiple devices.
Participants own reference groups

Participants can select reference groups created by you as a benchmark manager and even drill down using multiple reference groups. But they can also create reference groups of their own based on variables you have set.

Customizable management system

Customize what options are available in you environment in our Tool. Customize list views bij filter, selecting columns and sorting. Allowing you to create the working environment the way you like it.

  • Enable or disable features to limit or expand your options
  • Customizable fields (with custom names) to used with users and participants
  • Customizable columns in list views
  • Customizable filters in list views
  • Sorting in list views
Names instead of ID’s

Calculations work standard with IDs of items, such as the ID of a variable. But it is difficult to recognise an ID. That is where variable names come in handy. Just name your variable and use this name in calculations. Isn’t is more easy to read #revenues / #fte than #123 / #232?

Features focusing on effectivity

Useful relevant management information for the participants to get the best insights. Self-select and create peer groups by participants for better analysis of own performance.

Best practices

We at Compare 2 Compete have a lot of knowledge about benchmarking. We have plenty success stories and also some failure stories. Use our best practices to avoid mistakes and make your benchmarking a great success.

Fixed data entry in a recurring benchmarking survey

Our Tool allows you to set a fixed data entry page to ask for data which won’t change so much over time. You don’t have to ask this data every time you conduct the benchmarking survey. Entered once, this data can be copied to each period easily.

Recurring benchmarking surveys

Recurring benchmarking surveys need periods to store data. The Tool allows you to conduct benchmarking surveys per month, quarter, half year and year. Even ad hoc periods are possible. Periods are automatically opened after the last date of the period has ended. With start date and end date settings you assign participants to different periods.

One off benchmarking surveys

Do you want to do a survey only once. Then it is possible to set the benchmarking survey to one off. No periods are needed, while still having all functionality available for reporting.

Different questionnaires per period

Questionnaire in recurring benchmarking surveys change over time. Or you want to ask more questions in the fourth quarter than the other quarters of a quarterly benchmarking survey. Each question in a questionnaire can be made available for participants based on conditions so it is very easy to have your questionnaire differ per period.

Knowledge base

The Tool comes with an extensive knowledge base. Use the knowledge base to get to know the tool and implement faster. And don’t be afraid to ask us questions. We are there for you and will adjust the FAQs regularly.

  • Linked to your current screen
  • Numerous article to support you
  • Lots of internal links for more reading
  • Searchable

The Benchmarking Survey Tool is developed with our ever enlarging customer base. This makes the Tool very dynamic. We do our best to match your wishes as much as possible and to anticipate them. Do you want to use our Tool but miss some small or important functionality, then we are more than willing to add this functionality.

Online dashboards

With our online dashboards relevant management information is presented to the participants on a flexible way. You determine what they are able to see by setting conditions and they only have to select the period(s) and reference group(s), it is if you allow them.

Use buildin building blocks:
  • Graphs
  • Tables
  • Text
  • Video
Unlimited pdf-reports

Create reporting templates with graphs, tables, text, images, even conditional, and as much pages as you want. Include results of multiple periods and multiple reference groups.

Combining graphs and text in pdf reports.
Graphs that say even more than 1000 words

The Tool comes with plenty of graph possibilities. Use as much as relevant graphs in your output as graphs say even more than 1000 words.

Trend development analysis

When in comes to comparing results, it is easy to compare within one period. Our Tool offers the possibility to easily compare different period with each other, as long as the period data is in the Tool. It is possible to do a trend development analysis of all available variables. Participants see how they develop against their peer group.

Panels in comparing periods and trends (Q3 2019)

In comparing periods you want to make sure that you compare apples with apples. You want to compare equal samples, which is called panels. For trend analysis participants get also another insight if they compare within a panel or compare different sample sizes.

Own selection of peer groups

Participants can compare their results with reference or peer groups of their own selection in every form of output. You set the reference groups, the participants select the reference group in the output and the Tool calculates the results of the reference group directly.

Features focusing on security

Participants can easily trust their data with you. Data transfer and data storage is fully secure and within the Tool no participants get access to data of other participants.

Physical Security

All our servers and infrastructure are hosted in world-class data centers. These data centers include all the necessary physical security controls you would expect in a data center these days.

  • Secure sites in the Netherlands
  • 24×7 monitoring
  • Cameras
  • Visitor logs
  • Entry requirements
  • Private dedicated servers
Network Security

Firewalls restrict public access to all ports except those needed to supply our services.

  • Automatic banning
  • Automatic alerts
Restricted access

Server configuration and data storage systems have access restrictions, so no external third party access is possible. This makes it very difficult for third parties to get access to your data.

  • IP adress restrictions
  • Multi layer login
  • No password reuse
Secure SSL connection

Data transfer to you and participants is only done on secure SSL protected websites. Connection with the Tool and its data will always be SSL protected. With SSL protection data is encrypted during transfer.

Comodo Trusted Site Seal
GDPR proof

Our Tool is fully compliant with GDPR. You are in control of the data of your participants. It is focused on data protection by design and by default.

Participant and data anonymity

Individual participants have no access to other participants data. On every action in the Tool their rights are checked and the Tool acts accordingly. User data in our database is logically segregated by account-based access rules. User accounts have unique usernames and passwords that must be entered each time a user logs on.


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