Written by: Tonnis van Dam

Industry comparison

Trade associations have a major role in providing entrepreneurs in their industry with useful industry comparisons. You too? Industry comparison is comparing the performance of an organization with those of other comparable organizations in the industry. Do not only compare performance, but also the cause of the performance, such as processes and systems.

Industry comparison facilitated by trade associations

A trade association is very well able to set up an industry comparison for its members. You already have access to your members and so you can approach the entire industry. You can motivate your members to participate and help them to improve their performance. Thereby enhancing competitiveness and profitability of the entire industry.

Industry comparison as a new added value service

As a trade association, you are not directly responsible for the performance of the members. And still you want a good performing industry and improvement every year. Because healthy members stand for a healthy association. And healthy members represent a strong industry? How do your members perform? By organizing an industry comparison for your members, not only your members know where they stand and what they can improve, but the association gets relevant market information. This new service fits the reorientation of trade associations, to do more for their members.


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