Written by: Tonnis van Dam

Industry analysis

An organization performs an industry analysis when it starts doing business in an industry. Where are the opportunities? What are the threats, trends and developments? What are the achievements in the industry? The organizations like to know how they stand in the industry from time to time. How can you facilitate this as a trade association?

Market research vs. industry analysis

As trade association, you want to know what is going on in your industry? How are your members doing? How the market is doing overall? Perform a market research to know more. However, this is equivalent to an industry analysis, if the market is equal to your industry. If your organization is in electric bicycles, then the market in which you are operating is the cycling market. A market research will focus on all suppliers of bicycles, while an industry analysis focuses on the part electric bikes. If your industry focuses on all types of bikes, then an industry analysis is equivalent to a market research.

Conducting industry analysis among your members

How would you implement an industry analysis among your members? The Compare 2 Compete benchmark tool is a full web application for efficiently performing of industry analysis. Your members will be rewarded with an individual assessment of their performance compared to that of the industry. And you get easily industry insight. Using the Compare 2 Compete benchmark tool you control the total survey in one application, all online, in a secure way. Your member’s data is securely stored and only accessible to you. Using clever and relevant reference groups you will not only understand the overall industry, but you will also get quick and easy insight of specific groups within the industry. How easy can it be?


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