Written by: Tonnis van Dam

Competitive research

Do you want to support your members to get better performance? You can help them by offering a competitive research. Organizations can benefit by taking part in a competitive research. You want to perform this yourself? Then you must choose the right platform, because competitive research is only valuable when a participant can easily and regularly compare, interpret and justify the results and take action. And because you do not want to spend too much time and money in organizing the research. Use the web application especially developed for benchmarking: Compare 2 Compete benchmark tool.

Custom made benchmark for competitive research

Within the whitelabel benchmark environment, we build on a custom-made benchmark for competitive research. We have served a lot of industries with competitive research, so you can learn from us and improve your competitive research. Many industry associations have organized competitive research. Follow them and make it happen for your members. With our knowledge of benchmarking and your knowledge of the market, you can create a successful competitive analysis.

How does our competitive research work?

Each setup of a competitive research is unique, while our web application is standard. Just design your competitive research within the Compare 2 Compete benchmark tool, based on your requirement. If necessary, we will adjust the system to meet your specific needs and concerns.

The most secure competitive research

We do not compromise on the development of qualitative competitive analysis. And certainly not to the confidentiality of the data. Compare 2 Compete benchmark tool uses a secure connection to a secure database that is inaccessible to outsiders, to ensure data is transferred and stored safely.


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