How to do benchmarking?

Benchmarking is comparing processes and performance with those of the best performer in that area (benchmark) or the competition, to learn from this comparison and to improve it’s own performance. Effectively, systematically and continuously used, benchmarking can be a valuable tool in improving the performance of an organisation.

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Benchmarking a valuable tool in improving the performance of your organisation


Why do organisations benchmark?

7 reasons for business to use benchmarking

Does your business have a set of best practices? How were those best practices developed, i.e. was it through experience...

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How to source data for benchmarking

How to Source Data for Benchmarking? Once you know what to benchmark the next step is actually to start the benchmarking process...

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Improving financial business management with benchmarking data

Improving Financial Business Management with Benchmarking Data. “Profits,” “the Bottom line” and “Overhead” are the fundamental elements...

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Why is benchmarking so critical to an organisation

Why Is Benchmarking So Critical to Your Organisation’s Performance? Why do organisations benchmark?

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5 Reasons Why Associations Should Offer Members Benchmarking

Many businesses already know how to do benchmarking, but sometimes lack the required data to run accurate benchmarks...

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General vs individual benchmarking

Many associations often overlook the benefits of member benchmarking. Associations that don’t currently run member benchmarks...

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Generating Revenue through Benchmarking

Does your industry or business association have chapters? If so how many does it have? According to a 2016 benchmarking report...

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How Benchmarking Can Help Business Associations Make Money and Attract Member

It is interesting to note that many of the reasons why businesses join an association correlate with reasons to benchmark...

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Why All Successful Associations Benchmark

The short answer to this question is that benchmarking helps associations give precisely what businesses need to measure...

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Why is benchmarking so important for associations and their members?

Benchmarking among members, 70% of the associations want to do it, but only 30% manages to conduct benchmarking...

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Do’s and don’ts in benchmarking

How Frequently should Associations Benchmark and Why

One of the most important questions you need to ask yourself is which type of benchmarking structure will work best for your business...

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Identifying Benchmarking Risks and Overcoming it

Benchmarking can be one of the best ways for businesses to measure and then improve performance....

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Promoting Benchmarking Results and Using KPIs

When associations realize why do organisations benchmark it becomes easier for them to promote it...

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The Major Don’ts of Benchmarking by Associations

Knowing how to use benchmarking for performance improvement does not guarantee that businesses will use it...

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Why Associations should Use Polls to Address Members

One of the biggest challenges for associations running benchmarks is members’ concerns and participation...

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Why Some Benchmarking Efforts by Associations Fail

Failure is often considered the route to ultimate success. However, associations don’t have that luxury...

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7 Steps Needed for Successful Benchmarking, using the COMPARE Method

Successful benchmarking tends to have at least one thing in common: a structured approach. We help associations to conduct benchmarking among members...

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Eight tips for effective benchmarking

A benchmark should have a purpose and a focus. Decide in advance what you want to achieve, such as finding clues to improve...

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Organise your benchmark

How to Structure the Perfect Benchmark

One of the most important questions you need to ask yourself is which type of benchmarking structure will work best for your business...

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How Associations can Influence Participation of Members

Many associations wrongfully assume that member businesses are willing participants which aren’t always the case...

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How to Organize a Successful Benchmark

Organizing a successful benchmark all boils down to understanding what your member businesses want, how they operate...

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The Right way of Delivering Benchmarking Results

Now that you have done all the legwork involved with benchmarking the next step is to identify the most effective way to deliver the results...

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What should you Benchmark

It is a question that many associations need to ask themselves. In niche industries where there is just a single product or only one service...

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Which Members to Benchmark

Which Members to Benchmark? Once an association has established how important benchmarking is to all member businesses...

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How to collect benchmarking data and motivate members to participate

Once you have finalized all the required steps for implementing your benchmarking efforts and you are pretty sure...

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How to get reliable benchmarking data

Reliable benchmarking data is key in betting the desired results. Use some kind of validation of benchmarking data to improve the quality of data...

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How To Check And Validate Consistency Of The Data

Validation of the data collected is the most crucial step towards a successful benchmark. Many associations make the mistake...

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Analyse results

Creating and Using Reference Groups

One of the most critical steps to successfully benchmarking an industry is having validated reference groups...

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Validating Group Results to increase data quality and understanding

Now one of the things that many associations are going to run into is errors or differences in results when compiling benchmarking results...

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Analysing Group Results

The only way for an association to know where the industry is headed is if the results are analysed professionally...

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Report results

Create Valuable Market Reports and Communicate Results

One of the biggest challenges in our experience for most associations is providing market reports and effectively communicating...

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The Ideal way to prepare various Benchmark Report

Many associations in their effort to offer top quality benchmarking services overlook another very important aspect, i.e., the reports...

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The Importance of Training and Business Advise in Benchmarking

While benchmarking is an essential part of growing businesses within an industry by measuring their progress the key to successfully...

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Benchmark solutions

Benchmarking Survey Tool Development 2019

November 2018, Combo Benchmark 2.0 was created and received a rename: Benchmarking Survey Tool, version 2.0...

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